American Lit: REMIXED

For a digital copy of the handout explaining the American Lit Remixed Project (which will provide you access to helpful examples), click the link below!

American Lit REMIXED Project

Additionally, for a link to Mr. K’s “American Lit REMIXED” example, please click the link below!

American Lit REMIXED Blog


Basic Does Music

Focus: Music

The Warrior Writers

Focus: Books

Corner Group Blog

Focus: Movies

The Glo Gang

Focus: Music

Ten-Leg Five

Focus: Artists

Sammy Alex B.* Logan Faith Austen
Alyssa Jake Max Alex Jasmine*
Belle* Noah Michelle* Dylan Katie
Christian Savannah Ethan Madison J. Garrett
Brooke Ashley H. Aaron Kayleigh* Madison U.
 Kaylee Ashley S. Bri


Deez Blogs

Focus: Sports

Disney Lit

Focus: Movies

Functional Five

Focus: Actors

Hollywood Stars 22

Focus: Celebrities

Fantastic Five

Focus: Superheroes

Dylan* Olivia* Ocean Braden Mikayla
Ethan Braden Daniel* Marcus* Austin
Isaiah Alex Allison Mackenzie Kaylyn*
David Jake Kelcee Haley Hali
Blake Zach Brooke Shyanne

*Denotes Group Leader


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